The Sequim Lavender Trail is a scenic driving and cycling route that takes visitors on a self-guided tour of the lavender farms in Sequim that are open all summer long.

What is the Sequim Lavender Trail?

First off, you may be wondering what on earth the Sequim Lavender Trail is. Is it a hiking path? A trail of glittery purple rocks? Where does it lead? How do I follow the trail?

Here’s the scoop: Modeled on other famous tourist trails like the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico, the Sequim Lavender Trail is a scenic driving and cycling route that takes visitors on a tour of the lavender farms in Sequim that are open all summer long. Lavender Connection is delighted to participate as a farm on the Sequim Lavender Trail, so we wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to introduce you to it!

What a lot of our visitors do not realize is that lavender farming in Sequim is a deliberate, cooperative effort among farmers, groups, and the city/county to preserve our rural landscape and rejuvenate our tiny corner of the state with agritourism. This collective cooperation has taken on many forms and festivals over the years, including the Sequim Lavender Trail.

Lavender Connection is a proud member of Sequim Lavender Experience, the group of lavender farmers that conceived of (and manages) the Sequim Lavender Trail website, map, and visitor’s guide. It’s one of the many lavender festivals, farms, and activities in Sequim that add value to this charming place we call home!

Why should I travel the Sequim Lavender Trail?

The Sequim Lavender Trail is a self-guided tour that allows you to experience the beauty and fragrance of the lavender fields at your own pace! The farms and shops are close enough to each other that you can easily drive or bicycle to several in a single afternoon. As of 2023, the trail visits 9 participating lavender farms in the area. Please note that participation is voluntary and sometimes farms change or close, so visitors should check every year to see which farms will be open that summer to visitors along the trail. 

On the trail, visitors can stop at each farm to explore the fields, U-cut, shop, and learn more about the cultivation and uses of lavender. All the farms are within 15 minutes of driving to the city of Sequim, which has numerous options for lodging, restaurants, and other tourist activities. Check out for more Sequim tourism info.

When is a good time to visit Sequim?

The best time to travel the Sequim Lavender Trail is during the peak lavender blooming season, which is usually from late June through early August. During this period, the lavender farms in Sequim are in full bloom, and the fields are awash with vibrant shades of purple, blue, pink, and even white.

Lavender Connection multi-colored fields of lavender

Where do I find a Sequim Lavender Trail map?

You can download a copy of the Sequim Lavender Trail map (also referred to as the Driving & Cycling Guide) directly from the Sequim Lavender Experience website. You can also pick up a free map at the Sequim Visitor Information Center, local hotels & business, or at any of the participating lavender farms! The map includes information about each farm on the trail, as well as other helpful tips for visitors. Be sure to pick up the guide titled Sequim Lavender Trail. Other lavender guides will include farms that are only open occasionally, such as during Lavender Weekend – not all summer.

How do I follow the Sequim Lavender Trail?

There’s no wrong way to experience the Sequim Lavender Trail! Pick a farm to start at, and use the map to plan your route. Not sure where to start? Lavender Connection is in the center of the map, so it’s close to everyone, and a great place to begin. We’re always happy to help you decide where to go next based on what you want to do. Just ask! Whether you visit just one farm, or make a weekend of it and hit all of them, you really can’t go wrong.

Sequim Lavender Trail Tips

    1. Start at any of the participating farms or shops on the trail. You can pick up a map of the trail and get information on the other participating farms.
    2. Visit each of the participating farms or shops on the trail in any order you choose. Always check farm websites and/or Google listings first to make sure the farm is open the days and times you’re traveling. Can’t decide which ones to go to? Check out our recommendations for the best lavender farms in Sequim!
    3. The map has helpful icons to show what is offered at each farm. All of the farms offer u-cut lavender and a gift shop. Some also offer lavender plants for sale, picnicking, tours, special events, farm animals, and/or essential oil distillation.
    4. As you visit each farm, take time to enjoy the scenery, take photos, and savor the fragrance of lavender in the air. You can also meet the farmers and learn about the history and cultivation of lavender in the Sequim area.
    5. The farms are generally free to visit! Please note that if you visit during Sequim Lavender Weekend a few farms charge admission because they are offering live music and special events – always be sure to visit each farm’s website before heading over, so you know what to expect. Lavender Connection never charges admission, even during Sequim Lavender Weekend!
    6. After visiting all of the participating farms or businesses on the trail, you can either return to your starting point or continue exploring the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Are you ready to visit?

To get the most up-to-date information on the participating farms and events, and to download a driving guide, we recommend visiting the Sequim Lavender Experience website at We want you to have a great time exploring the trail and experiencing the beauty of Sequim lavender farms – let us know in the comments  if you have any questions. See you this summer!

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