What inspired your new Lavender Botanical Skincare line?

It started as all great things do – at the farmer’s market. Renowned herbalist Drea Moore visited our booth, delighted to find a local source for lavender hydrosol, which she uses frequently in her skin care practice. A friendship was born, and after we shared some hydrosol with her, she gifted us with the most amazing handmade moisturizer I’ve ever put on my face. Even Doug was impressed with it and kept stealing it from my bathroom drawer. I asked if she would be interested in partnering with us to make it so I could share it with our customers, and instead she generously offered to teach me. Thus, our new “field to face” Lavender Botanical Skin Care line was born!

What is the philosophy (and science) behind "Feed Your Skin"?

Drea’s philosophy of “feed your skin” is based on one basic principle: Your skin is an organ with a rich tapestry of beneficial microorganisms that live on the surface, protecting and nourishing it. This harmonious symbiotic relationship is the natural state of your skin. Our modern practice of constantly stripping the natural biome with chemical soaps, then adding back chemical toners, serums and moisturizers, destroys this balance. Rather than helping, this practice actually increases your chances of skin issues like acne, irritation, etc. Instead, Drea encourages you to “feed your skin”. What does that mean? Do not wash frequently with soap, hydrate and add balance with hydrosol and/or hydrosol based toners, and feed the skin with natural, nourishing ingredients that keep your skin (and its beneficial microorganisms) happy and calm.

The lavender species we recommend for face care is lavandula angustifolia.

What kind of lavender should you use on your skin?

There are many different species of lavender – you can read our basic introduction to the two primary/farmed species here. The species we recommend for face care is lavandula angustifolia. Every lavender essential oil has a different chemical make-up, which can vary widely based on the species, variety, and even the terroir, climate, and growing season when it was produced. However, one of the primary constant differences between the two species is that angustifolia has significantly less camphor in it. While camphor is a powerful natural organic compound with fantastic antibacterial and healing properties, it can be irritating to the skin if used in abundance. Thus, we prefer lavandula angustifolia varieties for our face, because they are gentler on the skin.

I'm in! What products are included in the Lavender Botanical Skincare line?

Our new “field to face” Lavender Botanical Skincare line includes cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and hydrating mist. Our products are handcrafted, plant based, and 100% natural. For more information, check out our blog posts about each product!

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