Distillation is the process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation.

Copper Still
Harvested Lavender
Lavender Packed Still
Lavender Connection lavender essential oil distillation
Lavender Connection lavender essential oil distillation
Lavender Connection lavender essential oil distillation

4 Replies to “Lavender Essential Oil: How is it made?”

  1. Barb Muhl Comstock

    I was very excited to see your reminder email…. time to order! Unfortunately, and I realize it may be difficult, but can you explain the difference between all your varieties of lavender? I”m looking for essential oil this year, but you have so many choices. Everybody’s noses smell differently, but do you have some basics truisms? Thank you.

    1. Rebecca Olson[ Post Author ]

      Barb – hello! Yes, we have many varieties, it’s true. The primary difference between the oils is that intermedia varieties are what I would call “classic”, simply because that’s the type of oil used in most bath/body/home products so it’s the variety most customers are familiar with. The angustifolia oils do not have as much camphor in them, so they don’t have the medicinal undernote that you’re used to with lavender (some words people use to describe angustifolia are sweet, honey, floral, etc.) If you were planning to get oil to use for naturopathic topical treatments (like bug bites) I would recommend intermedia. If you were planning to use the oil for cooking, I would recommend angustifolia. If you’re just looking for something that smells nice, all of them will work! I’ve tried to create a few “tasting notes” in each oil description to help you decide. Our most popular oils are “Row 19” and “Hidcote Pink” – though if you use the “sort by popularity” option in the essential oil page, you’ll see the others ranked by what our customers choose. Keep in mind that most of the bulk oils were only available at the farm (after doing a sampling at our smell bar) up until this fall, so you can trust that if it is popular, it’s because it’s what people liked best after smelling it. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any other questions!

  2. What Part Of The Lavender Bush Do You Use To Make Lavender Oil? | Oiledessence

    […] Distilling the lavender oil out of all that powder is pretty simple – steam is injected into each drum. It passes through it until the lavender powder releases its surrounding moisture, then steam is burned off, and the oil is cooled as it exits the still. This process is repeated several times a day for about two weeks before all that lavender has given up its precious oils. (Source) […]

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