“Provence” Lavender Essential Oil (lavandula intermedia)

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Our “Provence” lavandula intermedia lavender essential oil is one of our most affordable oils, due to the plant’s high producing volume. It has a classic, camphorous lavender scent – though it is much softer than the more traditional intermedia oils, such as the customer favorite “Row 19” and “Cascade Velvet” varieties.

All of our lavender essential oils are steam distilled by us at our farm, from our lavender, in small batches using our copper still. Perfect for aromatherapy, use in your steam diffuser, or even as a scent applied directly to the skin. Because of it’s lighter scent, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking to use lavender on their pulse points, or for those looking to introduce lavender to skeptics. However, we do not recommend this variety for soaps, reed diffusers, or candle making unless you are familiar with it’s lighter scent, or plan to pair it with a sweeter lavender angustifolia essential oil like “Hidcote Pink“.

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3 reviews for “Provence” Lavender Essential Oil (lavandula intermedia)
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